Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The treadmill of DEATH!!

Monday I decided to start running/training for a 5K. I walked to warm up and then ran/walked in 1 minute intervals for 20 minutes and then did a cool down walk. I had shin splints and foot pain and felt like my chest was on fire, but I pushed through the pain. I woke up Tuesday with a TON of energy. I almost felt like I was on speed. I felt wonderful even though my feet still hurt. Tuesday night after work I went to a store that speciallized in running shoes and forked over a small fortune for a new pair of running shoes. My old (and I mean OLD) Nikes weren't cutting it anymore. Brought my new shoes home and hopped on the treadmill again. I still got shin splints. I am soooo proud of myself. I actually ran for 10 minutes. That feels better than the shin splints hurt. Today I woke up and had to take Ibuprophen just to loosen up my really stiff joints.

To see the running plan I am following go to

My goals for this coming week are to determine why I sabotage myself. What is it I am afraid of? Why am I afraid of success? Why am I hiding behind the fat???

Weigh-in is tonight. Wish me luck!


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