Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Name Change? Maybe...

I'm thinking I should change the name of my blog to "HOW NOT TO LOSE WEIGHT". I seem to be an expert on how to gain weight. I'm surely no expert on losing it.

Portion size?? Whats that?
Who needs exercise?
Accountability. Never heard of it.

So the problem is I have reached an all time high in my weight. 260. But along with that added weight have come some health concerns. Higher blood pressure, feet and ankles that are swelling. My face is flushed a lot and warm to the touch. I looked up these sypmtoms on WebMD and they all point toward Congestive Heart Failure. The same disease that took my dad at 74 nearly 3 years ago.

I wish I had the answers. I certainly have a lot of work to do to get my health back on track. First steps are always the hardest.

Step One. Eat right, Eat light.
Step Three. Journal my food and my thoughts and feelings for the day.
Step Four. Don't give up.
It's time.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dear God, It's Leslie AGAIN.....

Dear God,


Make vegetables taste better,
Carbohydrates taste worse.
Water to satisfy me.
And pop taste like dirt.

Take away my cravings
For sugar and junk.
Please let there be
A lot less in my trunk.  

Make the clothes that don’t fit me
Because their too tight,
Fall off of my body
That will someday be light.

Help me to be a do-er
And not just a talker.
Be an encourgagement to others
and a walk-the-walk walker.

Please Lord, give me...



Thursday, February 23, 2012

God Bless Texas

Texas has been really hard on my diet. Maybe its the fact that I'm not working right now, but I generally spend my days either at my computer, or out galivanting with my mother and my aunt. Just yesterday, we met my cousin for lunch, did some running around and then five of us went out to dinner. Yes I know, I could have ordered salads, but these places were not exactly conducive to decent salads. One place was a bar (gotta have a bar burger) and the other was this little diner out in the middle of nowheresville. The menu selection was....well... let's just say slim pickings in the healthy food department. Fried, fried, fried.
I hope I get a job soon. I don't know how much more of the going out to lunch and dinner my wallet and waist line can afford. I love spending the time with my family though. We're a good group of people.

My sister called and asked me to be her diet buddy. I am going to get online and check out the Dr. Oz/Weight Watchers thing and see how that works. Dr. Oz had on his show a few weeks ago, a way to boost your metabolism. The video is for Raspberry Ketones. http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/miracle-fat-burner-bottle. Since Dr. Oz had them on his show, they are very hard to find. Most places have them on back order or don't know when they will get them in again. However, Mom and I found some yesterday at a local store and we are both going to try them. In the above video, Dr Oz demonstrates how the Ketones are supposed to help shrink your fat cells and boost your metabolism. Pretty cool demonstration. They are all natural, so there should be no side effects. Here's hoping.

Well this girl has lots to do today and needs to get at it. First up, a second cup of coffee.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day Three....

Yesterday was a tad hellish on the diet. Taco Bell (Chicken Burrito Fresco and a frozen strawberry fruit drink) for lunch and a Fat Boys Burger (with Fries and a Dr Pepper) for dinner. Yes, I know I could have skipped the fries and had water, but who wants water with a burger?! Today is not going to be easy either. We take my mom to the Dr in Bryan and will have to take her for lunch afterwards as she can not eat right before her appointment. Salad anyone? At least we'll do some mall walking to walk it off.

Toodles Everyone, I've got to get to gettin'.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Day Two - UPDATE.

Well, Mom and I are both still alive! We haven't killed each other yet. Also, I tracked my food today (well most of it). I have gotta get the water in me. If I were to take half my weight and drink that in ounces.... (or as my sister Shannon says "Drink Niagara Falls") I'll be up all night peeing. Guess I better start small and work my way up to that one! lol

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Measurements Sunday 2/12/2012

ARMS: 16"
CHEST: 52.5"
NECK: 17"
THIGHS: 27.5"
WAIST: 48"
HIPS: 54"

Time For A Change

Hello again, It's been a while. Goals are a great thing, but if you're not willing to make the change, goals don't mean a damn thing. I guess I wasn't really ready the last time. Not sure if I am now. I hope I am.

Life has taken some exciting, scary, and crazy twists and turns. I lost my job at the beginning of January, sold my house that same day. Packed up and moved from Michigan to Texas, where I am now living with my Mom. I decided that while I was going through all of the chaos and stress of moving, I just couldn't add dieting to the mix. I ate as I pleased. The only good news is that I was so busy and moving so much, I don't think I gained all that much weight. Even with all of the going away lunches and dinners with my friends, most of the weight gain was prior to January.

I am now up to 262 pounds. Clothes don't fit. My feet and ankles are swollen ALL the time. BP check anyone?! Tying my shoes and going to the bathroom have become a challenge. (My arms are only so long...)

My Mom and I are going to try to do this together. Please pray for us. Pray that two food depraved women, living together, don't kill each other!! I know it's always better when you have someone to take the journey with. Not always easier, but it does helps to have the support. Mom wants to lose around 40 pounds and after my last weigh-in, I need to lose at least 80 pounds.

Gonna have Mom take my measurements today, do my best to track my food and exercise, and get moving. After all, I haven't failed until I stop trying.

God's Infinite Blessings,