Sunday, February 12, 2012

Time For A Change

Hello again, It's been a while. Goals are a great thing, but if you're not willing to make the change, goals don't mean a damn thing. I guess I wasn't really ready the last time. Not sure if I am now. I hope I am.

Life has taken some exciting, scary, and crazy twists and turns. I lost my job at the beginning of January, sold my house that same day. Packed up and moved from Michigan to Texas, where I am now living with my Mom. I decided that while I was going through all of the chaos and stress of moving, I just couldn't add dieting to the mix. I ate as I pleased. The only good news is that I was so busy and moving so much, I don't think I gained all that much weight. Even with all of the going away lunches and dinners with my friends, most of the weight gain was prior to January.

I am now up to 262 pounds. Clothes don't fit. My feet and ankles are swollen ALL the time. BP check anyone?! Tying my shoes and going to the bathroom have become a challenge. (My arms are only so long...)

My Mom and I are going to try to do this together. Please pray for us. Pray that two food depraved women, living together, don't kill each other!! I know it's always better when you have someone to take the journey with. Not always easier, but it does helps to have the support. Mom wants to lose around 40 pounds and after my last weigh-in, I need to lose at least 80 pounds.

Gonna have Mom take my measurements today, do my best to track my food and exercise, and get moving. After all, I haven't failed until I stop trying.

God's Infinite Blessings,


  1. Good luck Leslie! I just started making a protein shake today - very yummy peanut butter and banana and took care of my massive sweet tooth :-) I'm glad your mom is jumping in with you. Good support!


  2. I am still experimenting with the types of protein powder, but i liked yhe vanilla one last night. Add a cup of skim milk, a tablespoon or so of peanut butter, one banana (it was a small/med banana) and some honey (didn't measure that, but about a spoonful - I just sqiirted it). Ice and blend. I calculated it and it is 470 something calories - but it easily made 2 large glasses, so can be split up if wanted. O am planning on eating one for dinner after workouts, or like this morning for breakfast. Kept me filled so I only ate a very light lunch. I used to get the same kind of shakes post workout at Lifetime Fitness - would make it a meal then, too.

    Substitute for just a strawberry and banana shake too...I may do that for Jason, or blueberries! I love blueberries...lower cal without the peanut butter too.

  3. You are in the perfect place mentally and physically to have great success. Good health and being able to tie your shoes without needing a nap, are great goals.

    You know I'm with you all the way Sweetie and now with your mom as well!

    Keep blogging and keep tracking that intake! It works and you guys will both just melt away in no time! The protein shake breakfast always helps me, I am not one to eat much in the morning, when you should eat! So, drinking that with my morning coffee always got me off in the right direction. The blender just lived on the counter so I couldn't use the excuse that I didn't want to drag everything out and start from scratch. I prefer the berries to the banana, much less calories and honey sweetens even the tartest berries. I also add Greek yogurt sometimes instead of just the milk. (1/2 yogurt + 1/2 skim milk)That makes it thick and creamy and I love Greek yogurt.

    ♥ and the best!

  4. Thanks ladies! I appreciate all of the support and the wonderful ideas. Keep them coming!!