Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fuzzy Math, Wasted Calories...

Yesterday, I finished off my bottle of coffee creamer and I decided to do the math on what I was actually drinking. I go through (1) 32 oz jug of creamer a week. At 45 calories per serving (64 servings in a bottle) thats an extra 2880 calories a week or 411 a day. Now times that by 52 weeks. It was in the range of 150,000 extra calories a YEAR!! 3500 Calories in a pound. Thats an ADDITIONAL 43 POUNDS in ONE year. WOW!!! No wonder I'm not losing the weight. I had no idea. I thought maybe I was getting an extra 150 calories in every day, not 411. Talk about being weigh (pun intended) off!!! Oh the damage we actually do to ourselves when we're not fully paying attention. I am giving up coffee every morning and the empty jug of creamer is sitting on my desk to remind me WHY I am giving it up.

I met with Natalie yesterday. I am on a maintenance plan now. If I'm having an off day, I can have up to 2000 calories a day to maintain my weight, and 1500 to lose weight. Since the food is pricey, I am going to prepare my own foods and track what I am eating. I am still going to go to my consultations so Natalie can help me keep on track. I need to learn the difference between starches and proteins how to count them, also how to figure out how many calories are in foods. I am feeling good with this plan, but overwhelmed with how much I still have to learn.

May God's blessings be richly bestowed,

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