Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Final Weigh-in & But aM I Obese?

Our final weigh-in was last Friday. April Fool's Day! How appropriate. My ending weight was 224.2 making my total weight loss 16.8 pounds. YAY!!! I also lost 7% of my body weight. I didn't win the competition but I still won...by losing. At the end we were down to 6 contestants (we started with 7) and lost a combined 80 pounds. A couple of the teeny tiny skinny mini's lost 8%. The ONE AND ONLY guy in the competition lost 25 lbs and 11%. He won. We have not decided whether to keep going as a group or not. Either way I need to keep going. I still have 60 pounds to lose. So onward I trudge...


Someone on MyFitnessPal.com posted a link on their blog. They were talking about their BMI and IS IT an accurate way to determine if you are overweight/obese. I am 5'9" and a large frame. The BMI index has me labeled as Obese. Now I'm a big girl, but OBESE?!?! I know I am overweight. I'm not blind to that fact. But does the BMI really take into account my frame??So this website has a scale that allows you to enter your information ~ height, weight, measurements, activity level, and gender. After you enter your info it calculates your BMI, Waist-to-Height, Body Fat percentage, and lean body mass. My current info was added and here are my results. The website is http://www.scientificpsychic.com/fitness/diet.html

Body Mass Index: 33.2 kg/m2 ~ OBESE
Waist-to-Height ratio: 0.67
Percent Body Fat: 51.4% ~ also OBESE Wowsa! I'm 115 lbs of FAT!!
Lean Body Mass: 108.9 lb

You are overweight by 25.4 kilograms (55.9 pounds) ~ less than I thought!!
You need to exercise at least 30 minutes every day.
Minimum caloric requirements: 1955 Calories per day
Limit your food intake to 1661 calories per day.
to lose 2.2 pounds per month.
Your diet should contain at least 61 grams of protein per day.

SOooo...now I'm really depressed. 115 pounds of blubber. I guess I truly AM Obese!

I'm off to the treadmill...that is if I can get my blubber butt outta this chair!


PS...I am not recommending ScientificPsychic but I do love MyFitnessPal.com. Check them both out and determine for yourself if you like them.

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