Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Weekly Weigh-in...

So tonight was my weigh-in. I lost 1.2 lbs this week bringing me down to 210.0 and my total Jenny Craig weight loss to date is 12 lbs. I am happy for the loss, but was hoping it would be a little bit more.

I ate really well this week and the last two days I have drank sooo much water that my eyeballs are floating. Literally ;-p Good news though: I'm not craving the chocolate as much.

Natalie and I decided to basically start all over from the beginning. We discussed concentrating on getting the food under control. Planning menus and keeping track of everything eaten...ZZZzzz I know, but I have to do it. The key to my weight loss is going to be seeing what I have done. What was good, where I went wrong and improving on that. Next step will be working on body and mind. Working out and figuring out WHY I eat the way I do. Gonna be a long journey!

The reason I decided to lose the weight in the first place was because I don't want to travel down the same road my parents did. My father passed away in July from congestive heart failure and my mom has had heart and cancer issues. My dad's heart issues could have been reversed when he was first diagnosed. All they wanted him to do was eat better and get some exercise. Our health is way too important and life is too short as it is. I miss my Dad. 74 was too young.

My goals for this week are to continue with my water consumption (I'm at 80 oz for today!!), to keep track of my steps and increase my activity everyday. My affirmation for the week is "I deserve to be healthy AND happy!" and I do! I so do. AND SO DO YOU!

God grant me the Serenity
To ACCEPT the things I CANNOT change,
COURAGE to change the things I CAN change,
And the WISDOM to know the difference.

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  1. Leslie,

    I love your blog and I'm so proud of you! You can do it, and you can make it a lifestyle. I'm with you and look forward to running a 5K right by your side.

    Love you, future Skinny Mini Me!