Thursday, January 28, 2010


Wednesday was temptation day. It was cake day at work. Chocolate cake covered in mounds of peanut butter frosting, candy bits, and chocolate drizzle. (My mouth is watering as I type this. LOL) Man did it look good.

Have you ever felt like you had the devil sitting on one shoulder and an angel sitting on the other?

Devil: Hey Leslie, That looks so good! I bet it tastes even better.
Angel: A moment on the lips...
Devil: OH go ahead, you know you want too! No one will know.
Angel: A lifetime on the hips. And you're hips are big enough sister!

So I gave the Devil a flick and knocked his pointy ass off my shoulder.

Then it was off to lunch with my buddy Carol. We went to this place called The Farm Grill. They serve Mediterranean cuisine and it is delicious and healthy. (We go there so often, the waiter knows what we want before we place the order!) So I ordered my Falafel sandwich, small mixed green salad with dressing on the side and WATER! See, the tough part of going out to lunch or dinner for me is not getting a pop. I love pop, no make that I LOVE POP! However I settled for water... and I was satisfied. Whodathunkit??

Some things I have noticed over the last few days:

1. That drinking water has cut down my cravings. I am fuller longer, and my face is clearing up. Unfortunately I'm also peeing 80 times a day.

2. That it's important to praise myself! I beat myself up when I have a bad day so why not praise myself when I have a win. YEAH ME! I resisted temptation twice yesterday and won AND it didn't kill me. Good job Leslie! I'm so proud of you!

3. This is a one day at a time, one minute at a time, one moment at a time journey. The decisions I make today, affect the scale tomorrow. Might as well make it a good day, a good minute, a good moment.


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