Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A full blown case of the crankies....

Day two of climbing Mount Everest and I have a major case of the crankies....

One of my skinny friends, (you know, the one who has never had a weight issue in her life) was giving my diet and weight loss advice. "Just don't eat carbs! That's what I do." - I was thinking why don't I just stop eating all together. That would be easier. I wanted to snap her head off and eat it for a snack. Yep I'm definitely CRANKY and it is time for my nap.

I know my friend is only trying to help and truly I love her for it, but I don't think she fully understands what it's like to have to lose sooooo much weight. How overwelming it is. And today is not the day for me to explain it to her. :)

So far today it's been Greek Yogurt and Lots of veggies for lunch. Time to chug the water to help with the hunger pangs. Dinner tonight is still undecided but whatever it is involves cooking. More cooking from now on, less processed crap and eating out. :'( Oh well...

Onward and Upward I go,

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